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Footwear for the smaller footed...

This retro-inspired sweater shirt from dhead outlet will give your wardrobe just the vintage element it needs. Black is the primary color of this sweater, but many other colors appear as you look at it. Soft and delicate, the flowers on the sweater are scattered about, giving this sweater a lot of unique energy. You’ll feel particularly stylish and attractive when wearing this piece. It’s tailored with a longer look, making it a great choice to pair with leggings or tights for a dress look. It’s also comfortable enough to be a quick sweater to throw on when heading out for fun. No matter where you are, you’ll enjoy being in this sweater. The construction is high quality and it will hold up well over time. The colors are set and will not fade and the fabric won’t ball or pill. A large in this sexy floral flower shirt is 64 cm long with a chest circumference of 104 cm.

23 Womens Sweatshirt – Sexy Floral Pattern / Purple Black / Retro Design

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