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Footwear for the smaller footed...

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Vintage finds

Although I am a die hard Nike fan, I occasionally stumble across a pair of kicks that aren’t Nike that are Ok!

Im always on the look out for vintage pairs of trainers,

1. Cos they’re just jokes looking… mad styles!

2. Nice to see something different to the standard ones I blog about or see about!

Whilst rummaging through a jumble sale on holiday I came across these Reebok kicks that I thought were pretty cool, so I thought I’d show you guys!


IMG 0998 300x225 Vintage finds

IMG 0999 300x225 Vintage finds


The mesh pattern reminds me of those old woven chairs you find in a conservatory!! The Purple and gold gives it a kick, and makes the shoe look less like a granny running trainer!

I think these are from the Original Reebok Ventilator pack but Im not sure… if anyone is a Reebok know-it-all let me know!!


I’ll keep y’all posted with any more Vintage finds!

This website is very simple: We like trainers, but in our experience, we’ve noticed that if you’ve got small feet, its pretty hard to get NICE trainers. and when you can find them, they’re expensive!

We’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but we didn’t. It’s time now though, and we’ve got a silly amount of shoes to get the ball rolling, so were on a mission to: a) bring you a decent selection of kicks for smaller feet (UK1-7ish). b) smash everyone else’s prices!

Over the next… erm, who knows how long, we’ll be uploading nearly a thousand (groan..) pairs of sneakers to the site for you to buy, so keep an eye out – this might be your new favourite trainer site!

We do have a slight preference for a certain brand, but we let everyone get a look in, we’re not trainer snobs! We’re going to be getting in Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Clarks, Reebok, Asics, Converse… and a few others, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Oh yeah, we’re on Facebook… and Twitter. Although so far we only know how to operate 0.5 of these, but if you’d like to follow us then you can, hopefully there’ll be lots of updates as we get going!